New Kites for Sale!

I recently joined and attended the Kite Trade Association International (aka: Kites, Toys, and Innovations) [KTAI] in Las Vegas. My main desire was to determine once and for all whether I should open a store front or continue similar to how I have been running my business, i.e. selling out of my van at festivals and events, doing kite making workshops, and producing kites to be sold. Several people told me to stick with what I was doing but invest my time more in the same areas. So, I intend to make more kites to sell which will allow me to set up a booth at craft fairs, seek out places and pursue selling kites in the surrounding areas around Chattanooga, and push kite making workshops at schools, retirement centers, and churches.

In addition, I purchased more kites to sell. I am now the proud dealer of Revolution Kites, the remarkable 4-line kite that created a revolution in the kiting world when they came out in the late 1980’s. I’ll have entry level kites which can move the flier into more expert skills. There is also a “club” they can join online consisting of lessons, tutorials, feedback, and rewards to help a Rev pilot get better. Check out their website at

I also will be ordering more kites from Premier Kites, HQ Kites, and In the Breeze Kites. These orders will include windsocks and whirligigs. Keep a lookout for an improved website too!

So long for now. Go fly a Kite!