Chuck has been flying kites, making kites, selling kite, and doing kite workshops since 1992. He has helped literally thousands of kids and adults make kites and fly them. He has incorporated kite making or the use of kites in Math classes as well as other subjects such as Art, Spanish, English, and Science.  He has also conducted workshops at church conferences incorporating the metaphor of kites as Spirit.


Our Mission

River City Kites (RCK) provides kites and kite equipment for sell and seeks to educate the public about kite flying and kite making through workshops aimed at showing the art and science of kites in addition to helping people experience the joy of kites.

“There’s nothing trivial about flying a kite.”
— Valerie Govig

WhatI have Achieved

  • Started the business in 1992 as a vendor's cart
  • Started making a large kite as the "artist in residence" at the Creative Discovery Museum's opening week (May, 1995).
  • Helped hundreds of kids make kites at the annual Kids' Festival the first weekend of May for several years in the 1990's.
  • Participated in Ketner's Mill Fall Crafts Festival for 3 years.
  • Sold kites at various other community festivals.
  • Created kite-based curriculum in math classes relating to area calculations, formula use, tessellations, quadratics, radical functions, trigonometry, geometric figure similarity and congruence theorems, and multicultural education. 
  • Developed curriculum that used kites to combine Math, science, arts, English, and Spanish.